Welcome to Erminig home page, a Google-Calendar <-> GPE Calendar synchronizer.


Erminig is an application for Maemo-based devices such as Nokia N800 and N810 to allow two-way synchronisation between Google-Calendar and GPE-Calendar.
Erminig was originally developped by David Hautbois, and since the beginning of June 2008 Pascal Jermini took the lead on the developement.

What does work what doesn't?

All single and recurring events are supported, with the exception of recurrent events occuring for a limited number of times. Furthermore moving a GPE event from a calendar to another will not be picked up by Erminig.


This application depends on python2.5-runtime and python-gdata packages, both available in the maemo-extras repository.

Installation and usage

Please see these two pages: installation and user guide, which will describe the installation and usage of Erminig.

Contact and Bug-reporting

Ideally bug reports should be made via the Bug-Tracking interface in the Garage. If you prefer direct mail contact, you can contact the current maintainer of Erminig via this e-mail address.
I encourage everyone to make use of the forums found on the Garage page of Erminig, in order to have open discussions!