Erminig - Command-line mode

Starting with version 0.3.0 of Erminig, there's a command-line mode, which avoids (almost) entirely the use of the graphical interface for synchronization tasks.
This page documents how to use the command-line mode.

Command-line arguments

Starting Erminig with the arguments -h or --help will produce a short help page, such as this one:
~ $ erminig -h

This is Erminig version 0.3.0

   /usr/bin/erminig [-h] [--help] [--all-profiles | --profiles=p1,p2,...] [--proxy]

        -h or --help         : show this help page
        --all-profiles       : synchronize all profiles in command line mode
        --profiles=p1,p2,... : synchronize in command line mode profiles 
                               named p1 and p2
        --proxy              : Enable proxy support (must be configured 
                               in GUI before using!)
Here are a few more informations about these options: