Erminig - User Guide

Before you start

Before using Erminig, please make a backup copy of your GPE calendar database file (to be found in /home/user/.gpe/calendar)!

Another constraint is that the timezone in you Nokia Internet Tablet has to be set to the same timezone as the on in Google Calendar, otherwise your events will not have the correct dates and times!

Starting with Erminig

These few screenshots will show you how to properly configure Erminig in order to synchronize your GPE calendars.
  1. Start Erminig
  2. Once Erminig has started (beware, it can take up to 10 seconds to start!), select "Google Parameters" in the main menu:
  3. Enter your email-address you used for your calendar (it is not necessarily your Gmail address, but in most cases it will be!), and the associated password:

    Then click the OK button
  4. The "Add" button on the main page will then be active. Click on it to create a new profile (in fact it is a relation between a GPE calendar and a Google Calendar):

  5. Enter a name for the profile (can be anything). This name will be displayed on the main page of Erminig:

  6. Select a Google Calendar from the drop-down list:

  7. Select a GPE Calendar from the drop-down list:

    This means that the selected GPE calendar and the Google Calendar selected in the previous step will be "linked" together, and events will be synchronized between them.
  8. Don't forget to select the "Enabled" checkbox:

    Now you can click on "OK" to save this profile.
  9. You can now select the newly created profile and click on "Update". This will synchronize the two calendars. Alternatively you can click on "Update all" to synchronize all enabled profiles.


Should you have any issues with Erminig, you can enable the Debug mode, which will create a log file: /home/user/MyDocs/erminig_debug.txt. The file will effectively be written back to the disk only when you quit Erminig or when you disable the Debug mode!